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​​​​​​​Design a product line, launch your online shop, and start making money on auto-pilot. 

What if you could sell physical products online but ... 

-You didn't have to make each item by hand.

-You didn't have to invest in a bunch of product you aren't sure will sell.

-You didn't have to store inventory in your home.

-You didn't have to package and ship each order yourself.

You've seen those shops that sell amazing, trendy products and you think they must have made a huge investment, have a team, and have crazy design skills. 

Imagine having an online shop just like that, where you are selling gorgeous products that you feel crazy proud of.

Products that are going to make you money.

Products that could get featured by other bloggers and even in magazines.

You have everything it takes to launch a shop just like that. You just need a bit of guidance.

Introducing Launch Your Shop.

In Launch Your Shop I'm peeling back the curtain and showing you exactly how to create unique designs, get access to hundreds of products, and launch your own shop with (almost) no start-up cost and minimal time commitment. 

You will be able to create this profitable revenue stream in the next 30 days.

I'll show you how to create designs and get access to hundreds of products like:

       - tee-shirts,

       - mugs,

       - art prints,

       - baby apparel and accessories,

       - luggage tags,

       - stationery,

       - pillows,

       - home decor,

       - travel accessories,

       - and more (new products launch all the time!)

Does any of this sound familiar? 

You want to sell your own product line, but you aren't sure if you have time, or where to start.

  • Maybe you are a blogger who has always wanted to launch a product line and online shop, and have even thought about selling handmade products, but didn't really know where to start. 

  • Maybe your time is already so stretched that you don't know how you'd fit another thing in (let alone package and ship individual orders).

  • Maybe the tech part of creating graphic designs to put on a product has you stumped. Or you don't know what your audience would want to actually buy. 

  • Or maybe (and this is a biggie!) you need to create another stream of revenue in order for your biz to go full-time.

I totally get it. I was there too. 

I started writing a home decor blog called The Sweetest Digs in 2010. I knew I needed to monetize it beyond display ads and sponsored posts, so I launched my own online shop on Etsy. I sold handmade knit items, and later original paintings.

Huge mistake.

Hand-making each item, packaging, and shipping individual orders did not make financial sense and was not a scalable business. It sounded dreamy, but it was eating up ALL my time and not paying a good enough return.

I then went down the road of doing art printables, along with everyone else. There was way too much competition in the marketplace, and I wanted to expand beyond just that one type of product. Plus, I really wanted to sell actual THINGS, not just a digital product.

Fast forward a few years, I did a ton of research, got better at graphic design, tested out using drop-shipping manufacturers, and landed on a model where running my shop became extremely passive. I was able to scale, make money, and create new products with ease. 

I continue to sell my products on Etsy, as well as wholesaling them to boutiques and stockists across Canada and the United States.

It has turned into a lucrative revenue stream for me, which has helped me turn my part-time blog into a full-time job.

If I can do this, you can too. It's just about knowing the tools and partners you need and how to use them.

Launch a shop like mine, but with your OWN products for your OWN audience!

​​​​​​​I'll take you through every step of the process.

“Launch Your Shop is THE one stop shop in my opinion for getting your own shop up and running! In a world of ALL the info at your finger tips it can quickly become quite overwhelming, I've gone down too many rabbit holes to count and quickly abandon my thoughts for opening my own shop after hours of failed research. This class is so straight forward it takes you through the whole process with an A to Z common sense approach. I love that Gemma has shared her favourite sites, free tools and her tech training is completely helpful saving valuable hours of internet research!”

-Laurie, Vinyet Etc.
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This course is for you if:

  • You want to start selling your own products but have no idea how to get them manufactured

  • You want to add a revenue stream to your blogging biz to help grow your income

  • You don't want to be stuck spending tons of time packaging and shipping out each individual order 

  • You don't think you have the graphic design skills to create awesome looking products (hint: I'm gonna show you how!)

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You want to sell handmade or vintage items. This course shows you how to create your own custom line of physical products that get manufactured.

  • You want to sell digital products, like eBooks or printables. This course focuses on physical products. 

  • You think you can buy an online course and magically have an amazing result without effort. Nope, that ain't life. This course only works if you put the work into it!

“After having a desire to open an online store for about a year, I had given up the hope of doing so due to the time restraints of making items by hand. Gemma’s course taught me that my own online shop is possible with the time saving strategy of partnering with a drop shipping manufacturer. This easy to follow course has given me all the tools that I need to open an online shop. ”

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Launch Your Shop is a hands-on, step-by-step video course that equips you with the know-how and tools you need to develop a product line and launch your own online shop. 

Through detailed video lessons and tech trainings, I'll show you exactly how to go from zero to selling in as little as 30 days.

Here's what You Will Get:

  • 7 Core Modules of easy-to-follow (no fluff) video lessons on how drop-shipping manufacturing works, how to create your designs, which manufacturer to partner with, how to get great photos, which selling platform to choose, how to write your listings, and more.

  • Over 15 Tech Trainings where I take you behind the scenes and show you how to use my fave (free) graphic design software, upload and order from a manufacturer, use mock-up photography, and more

  • $50 gift card to my FAVE manufacturer, Printed Mint, to order your product samples!!!! <--- Yep, you read that write. A $50 gift card!

  • 2 FREE styled mock-ups from Haute Chocolate that you can use as product photos (1 for a mug and 1 for an art print)

  • Bonus Module on how to sell your products wholesale (doing this has allowed me to DOUBLE my revenue!)

  • Lifetime access to the course and all future updates for free


Wanna know a little more about your instructor?

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You want to buy from someone you trust. I get that. So let's dig in. If you're new to me, hey! I'm Gemma Bonham-Carter.

I started writing a home decor blog called The Sweetest Digs in 2010. In order to monetize that blog, I started selling products on Etsy. Eventually I was in over my head with that shop (spending too much time and making too little money), and I found drop-shipping manufacturing. I partnered with some wonderful manufacturers, refined my design skills, and now run a shop that sells but takes up very little of my time.

I continue to write my home decor blog, manage my shop, and share blogging biz tips on my second site, All as a mama of two little ones.

I LOVE connecting with other creative entrepreneurs and have made it my mission to help as many people as I can start and grow successful businesses. I can totally relate to the desire to run your own online biz, on your own time, and actually make money. 

I'm super excited to jump into this with you and get YOUR online shop launched. You've got this. 

Launch Your Shop Course Outline:

Module 1: Manufacturing & Drop Shipping Fundamentals
This lesson goes through the fundamental principals you need to understand to create your shop with the help of drop-shipping manufacturers.

Module 2: Which Manufacturer Should You Use
There are a huge number of manufacturers out there. Figure out which one is right for you and will have the product(s) you want to launch. Tech trainings showing you the back-end of Gemma's personal favourite manufacturer included.

Module 3: Deciding on Your Product
How do you know what to launch? This lesson will take you through the key things you need to consider when creating a product line that will sell.

Module 4: How to Create Designs
Not sure how to actually create the artwork for the products you want to launch? This lesson takes you through your options, and then deep dives into 10+ tech trainings on how to create graphic designs (starting from scratch!).

Module 5: How to Price Your Products
You can't just pluck a price out of thin air. Learn the formula for pricing your products so that they are competitive in the marketplace, yet still give you a good profit margin.

Module 6: Product Photos that Sell
Crappy photos will never sell products. This lesson will share the best tips and tricks you can use to get amazing product photos. Tech trainings included on how to use mock-ups.

Module 7: Selling Platforms
Not sure whether to sell your products on your blog, on Etsy, or on another standalone shop site? This lesson takes you through each option, going over the pros and cons of each, and tells you which eCommerce software tools to use.

Bonus Module: Wholesale Selling
Want to sell your products wholesale? This bonus module will go over exactly how to do that, including how to create your linesheet, how to find wholesale clients, and what to say to them in your outreach email. Selling my products wholesale allowed me to double my revenue - so you don't want to miss this one!

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Ready to Launch Your Shop?

Full Course Package: One Payment of $147

  • 7 Core Modules 
  • 15 + Tech Training Videos
  • Bonus Module on Wholesale Selling
  • 20-page workbook with cheatsheets, guides, and checklists
  • $50 credit to my favorite manufacturer, Printed Mint, so you can order your product samples for free!
  • 2 free mock-up images from Haute Chocolate  (1 mug mock up + 1 art print mock up) 
  • Lifetime access to course and all future updates for free

Buy Now (Instant Access!!)

Over $350 in value!

Full Course Package: 3 Monthly Payments of of $55

  • 7 Core Modules 
  • 15 + Tech Training Videos
  • Bonus Module on Wholesale Selling
  • 20-page workbook with cheatsheets, guides, and checklists
  • $50 credit to my favorite manufacturer, Printed Mint, so you can order your product samples for free!
  • 2 free mock-up images from Haute Chocolate  (1 mug mock up + 1 art print mock up) 
  • Lifetime access to course and all future updates for free

Buy Now (Instant Access)

Have any questions? Email me and let's chat: gemma[at]thesweetestdigs[dot]com